• Information about the accommodation at Hvitfeldtska high school

    The information is for those who are staying at Side by Side at Hvitfeldtska High School.

    The accommodation takes place in dorms of max 15 people / rooms except for a few larger halls.
    Smaller groups may share rooms with another group.

    Individual arriving participants are placed in boys '/ girls' rooms with peers.
    If you wish to divide the dormitory (eg grouping into boys, girls, men, women), send an email to linnea.stegmark@gso.se with your wishes.
    Shared shower and toilet are in the corridors at the school.
    NOTE! Bring your own pillow and bed sheet / bed or sleeping bag. Mattresses will be available.
    The accommodation is staffed with hosts 24 hours a day for your safety and well-being.
    There is a reception open at the accommodation kl. 7-23. The check in on arrival and departure at the reception. During the days you leave the keys at the reception.
    Breakfast is served in the dining room between 7-9.

    At the front desk there is a kiosk open at. 16-22 between the 13th and 20th of June. There you can buy sweets, chips, drinks, coffee and tea and more. Cash only.

    We ask you to follow our fire prevention and housing rules:
    Side by Side is an alcohol and drug free camp. This also applies to the accommodation.
    After kl. 23 should be quiet in the corridors and in the rooms. The outside doors are locked between kl. 23-07 and therefore everyone has to stay inside.
    Windows and doors should be closed when you leave the rooms.
    The fire regulations issued on arrival must be followed for everyone's safety.
    We hope you will enjoy it!


    Adress Rektorsgatan 2, 411 33 Göteborg

    Tel reception accommodation at 7-23: 0765-440113