• You want to register for Side by Side 2018?

    Here you will find everything you need to know to register to Side by Side 2018

    What is included in the participation fee?

    The fee is 450 SEK for all tracks except BEGINNERS' ORCHESTRA, BEGINNERS' CHOIR and OPEN CHOIR which have a fee of 200 SEK. VOLUNTEERS´ CHOIR is free of charge. The participation fee includes fruits, lunch and dinner. In addition, each participant takes part in rehearsals, concerts and other activities at the camp. Each participant also gets a Side by Side-bag and our 2018 purple Side by Side T-shirt.

    Should I register if I am only visiting the camp?

    To participate on Side by Side you must be registered to the camp and have paid the participation fee. There are many participants on the camp and for everyone´s security and safety we need to have the full information about who and how many that are moving about on the camp. Therefore we can not receive adults and children with connection to the participants that are not registered. If you wish to visit a participant during the camp we recommend that to be done between our activities. To our concerts we warmly welcome everyone. To some concerts you will need a ticket. Find more information in our Side by Side newsletter.



    We want to know and have access to at least one parent or legal guardian´s email and phone number for direct contact in case of an emergency.


    Without an adult?
    To ADVANCED ORCHESTRA, PRE-ADVANCED ORCHESTRA, ADVANCED CHOIR, UPPER VOICES CHOIR and FOLK, you can only register if you are 13 years or older and able to care for yourself at the camp or have by an adult with you.
    To BEGINNERS 'ORCHESTRA, BEGINNERS' CHOIR and OPEN CHOIR each child must have an adult with them. In all other tracks we want all children to have an adult companion. In case you can not meet this requirement, you may choose this option in your registration.
    How do I register more than one person?
    You can register up to 30 participants in the same booking to all tracks except ADVANCED ORCHESTRA. You need all the information before you start the booking. If something goes wrong, or needs to be changed, please contact us by email. Some information can be easily transferred from Person 1 to other participants by means of clicking on the pen icon in the top right corner of each participant. Please also refer to Email (for information before the camp) see below.
    Person 1 becomes the main booker for the group, automatically receiving everyone's booking confirmation and becoming the invoice receiver (can be edited in the payment step). If you sign up as a group, Person 1 must be an adult.



    How many vacancies are there?
    We have a limited number of spots per instrument/voice for each track. It will state in the registration form when it is full. Then it will be possible to sign up on a waiting list.


  • How do I fill in the registration form?

    Here you can read a detailed instruction on how to complete the registration form


    We are asking about the participant's gender because we want to be able to follow up the gender distribution at the camp every year.

    Kind of Participant/Security at the camp
    Participating children / youths must choose if they take care of themselves, have an adult with them or if they need help from the camp. This helps us in planning the safety teams in the different tracks. Participating adults indicate here if they also will play or sing during Side by Side. We need to know this in order to have the right number of chairs and stands at the rehearsals and concerts.




    We have a limited number of instruments/voices. If the spots reach full capacity, it will be shown here. In that case, it will be possible to sign up on a waiting list. This will end the booking and you won't have to pay at this moment.
    We will monitor the registrations and update as often as possible. If instruments/voices will become vacant, we will contact those listed on the waiting list so the booking can be completed and a payment made.
    Music school/Choir/Organization

    Enter the name of the music school, orchestra, choir or other organization you belong to. If you do not belong to any organization, you can write it here in your own words.

    Email (for information before the camp)

    The email address listed here will be used to send the confirmation as well as additional information about the camp. If you are the main booker for a group, you can enter your own email for all your participants, but then you must take responsibility for spreading the information to your group.


    If you live in another country than Sweden, please choose your home country here.

    Country code

    Country code is required so we can reach you on your the mobile number. If your phone has a Swedish subscription, then you do not have to fill it out.


    Phone number (for contact during the camp)

    The mobile number listed here will be used to reach the participant during the camp. If the participant does not have a phone, the number of an adult who takes responsibility for the participant during the camp can be provided here. We strongly recommend that all children and youths at Side by Side have their own phone during the camp, so that we can reach them in case of an emergency.


    Parent's/legal guardian's email and phone number

    The information listed here is an extra security for us to be able to reach the participants parent/legal guardian. If the participant is above 18 years old, then please provide the participant's email and a phone number to the closest relative.



    Allergies and special diets

    There will be no food served that contains nuts or pork at the camp. If you have allergies or need special diet then please notify us here. For example, if you want to eat vegan or vegetarian food.



    Other information about you that we in the organization should know

    Please notify us if there is something else we need to know about the participant. For example using a wheelchair or have an illness. You are also welcome to contact us via email or phone.


    In the Accommodation tab you can choose if you wish to book accommodation in a shared classroom. When you click Shared Classroom, a check-in and check-out calendar is displayed. Enter which day you arrive to the accommodation and which day you leave. On the top right, you will see that the amount changes when you enter the number of nights. The accommodation costs 85 SEK per person and night including breakfast. If you have any questions or requests about the accommodation, you are welcome to contact us by email or phone.


    At the bottom of the Summary tab, under the heading Summary, you will see the total sum of the booking. If you belong to Göteborgs Kulturskolor, then you can enter the promotional code in the box and click Activate. Only then click on Book. The promotional code covers the participation fee but not the accommodation.


    The Summary tab lists all the information you have entered in the previous steps. Make sure everything is correct. To change something, click Back and adjust. When you have clicked Book, you can no longer go back and change the information.


    In the Payment tab, you must first select if you want to pay by card or invoice. If you choose by card, the payment will be processed immediately. VISA, Mastercard, Eurocard and Maestro are accepted.
    If you choose invoice, a paper invoice will be sent to the address you enter in the next step. The invoice recipient can be a company/association or a private person.
  • After the registration

    Once the booking is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation contains a summary of all the information you provided and a barcode. Please print and bring the barcode when you arrive to the camp.
    If you made a booking for multiple participants and entered different email addresses for different participants, you as the main booker will not get the barcodes for all participants. The barcodes will be sent to the email address specified for each participant.
    When arriving to the camp, you can sign in your whole group with your barcode or by stating your name. We encourage bringing the barcodes as this will speed up the sign in process. As a group booker, you can choose between bringing all the barcodes or bringing a list of the names of the members of your group.
    Welcome to Side by Side 2018!