Side by Side by El Sistema is a music camp for orchestra, choir and folk music. Children and young people from all over Sweden and many other countries rehearse together in different locations in central Gothenburg under the guidance of professional musical leaders and musicians. For travellers we offer accommodation in a school nearby.


    To give the opportunity for as many as possible to participate and develop in the camp, there are different levels for both orchestras and choirs. There are six orchestra tracks, five choir tracks and a folk music track to choose from. For the camp to be as fun and developing as possible, it is important that each participant chooses the right track and come to the camp well prepared for their level. The most important guide to the right track is the repertoire. Each orchestra and choir level is a separate track with its own start and finish date during the camp. On some occasions the tracks meet in rehearsals and concerts.


    The camp days are filled with rehearsals and concerts as well as meals and other activities. Sometimes the participants have rehearsals in small groups with their own instructor. Sometimes an entire instrument section meets and other times all participants in the whole orchestra or choir rehearse together. Some rehearsals will be held in English.


    An important thought in Side by Side is to provide an opportunity for role modelling. It is developing and educational to play and sing side by side with participants from different levels. Therefore, we let the groups meet and practice together. The collaboration with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Gothenburg Symphony Vocal Ensemble is basic in this role modelling thought.


    During Side by Side the participants play and sing at several different concerts. All participants are gathered for a huge festival concert in the arena called Scandinavium in Gothenburg. An important part of Side by Side is also to listen to other musicians. Therefor we arrange concerts where our participants are the audience.