• Conductors & Chorus masters

  • Let us introduce this year's conductors and chorus masters

    We have a fantastic set of conductors and chorus masters for this year's Side by Side by El Sistema!

    Here we introduce them one by one.


    Santtu-Matias Rouvali



    Santtu-Matias is the principal conductor of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. He is also Chief Conductor of the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra and Principal Guest Conductor of the Copenhagen Philharmonic and Philharmonia Orchestra in London. Santtu-Matias was recently hailed by The Guardian as “the latest sit-up-and-listen talent to emerge from the great Finnish conducting tradition”.

    Marie Rosenmir



    Marie Rosenmir had already an impressive career as a singer and organist before she established herself as one of the most interesting Swedish conductors. She debuted as a conductor at the age of twenty-two and has since then directed a Nobel Prize Concert, several operas and led many of the major orchestras in Sweden.


    Ron Davis Alvarez




    Ron is from Venezuela and one of El Sistema’s many talents. He started his career as a violinist and is now internationally active as conductor and ambassador of El Sistema. After three years in Greenland, he joined the Gothenburg team, where he is now artistic director of El Sistema Sweden and initiator of the attentive Dream Orchestra.

    Emil Pettersson, Emma-Lina Grahn, Tobias Edvardson & Willy Wong



    The four leaders of BEGINNERS 'ORCHESTRA are all culture school teachers in Gothenburg. Emma-Lina welcomes everyone who wants to play brass instruments, Emil will lead all children who wants to play percussion instruments, and those who will play stringed instruments will meet Tobias, and the wooden blowers will get acquainted with Willy.

    Cecilia Martin-Löf



    Cecilia is responsible for the choral activities at Lund University, where she leads Lund´s Academic Choir and the Palaestra vocal ensemble. She has been the chorus masters of the Danish Radio's choir, and worked with both Stockholm´s and Copenhagen´s radio choirs. She is also active as a teacher and conductor throughout Sweden and Europe. Cecilia Martin-Löf is currently the artistic director of the Swedish Youth Choir SVUK.

    Birgitta Mannerström-Molin




    Birgitta is active in Gothenburg, where she manages a comprehensive choir organisation for children and youths. For her efforts, Birgitta Mannerström-Molin, received the Award as the children's and youth choir leader of the year in 2016. She has been involved in the establishment of El Sistema in Sweden and is the artistic advisor for Side by Side.


    Måns Carlsson & Elvira Wall



    Måns and Elvira are both singers and musicians. They work as culture school teachers with singing and rhythm for the youngest children. They like to sign many altogether and welcomes everyone to sing along with them at Side by Side this summer.



    Sten Källman & Erika Risinger



    Sten is a musician and composer, with a passion for folk and world music from different cultural backgrounds. Sten teaches folk and world music at the University of Gothenburg. Erika is musician, teacher and professional violinist. She has studied classical violin at the Conservatory of Music in Falun and at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory in Copenhagen as well as world music at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.

    Magnus Pettersson