Side by Side by El Sistema is an international music camp for children and young adults who want to play in an orchestra or sing in a choir. To enable as many participants as possible to take part, the camp provides tracks for different levels and experiences. Each orchestra and choir track has its own repertoire and starts and ends on different dates. Activities and rehearsals are adjusted to each track.
    The camp days consist of rehearsals, concerts, shared meals along with other exciting activities. Sometimes the participants rehearse in small groups, with their own instructor, the whole orchestra or choir all together. Rehearsals will be held in both English and Swedish.
    Side by Side takes place in the middle of Gothenburg. This means that we sometimes walk in traffic. The camp grows for each year, often we are hundreds of children and adults playing and singing together in the same room. We have a couple of rehearsals and concerts in big concert halls. Last year we were 1500 participants. We are many adults on the camp. Both employed staff, volunteers and accompanying adults will be available for all children and youths.

  • FOOD

    At Hvitfeldtska Gymnasium we will serve lunch and dinner, which is included in the participation fee. If you book accommatation breakfast is also included.


    There will be no food served that contains nuts or pork at the camp. If you have other food requirements, then please notify us in the registration form.




    We offer accommodation for 85 SEK per person and night at the Hvitfeldtska Gymnasium, which is located near the Concert Hall and within walking distance to all other points of interest. You will be sleeping on a mattress in a classroom. Participants under 13 years old that are staying at our accommodation must have an adult with them. There will be staff available 24 hours a day at Hvitfeldtska Gymnasium.


    During Side by Side we will document the activities both in words and images. We will spread relevant information through social media, on our website and in other contexts where Side by Side is represented.

    The fee is 450 SEK for all tracks except BEGINNERS 'ORCHESTRA, BEGINNERS' CHOIR and OPEN CHOIR which have a fee of 200 SEK. Volunteering is free of charge. The participation fee includes fruits, lunch and dinner. In addition, each participants takes part of rehearsals, concerts and other activities at the camp. Each participant also gets a Side by Side-bag and our 2018 purple Side by Side T-shirt. Everyone who participates in the camp's activities must sign up and pay a participant fee, including accompanying adults.
    For Gothenburg Culture schools students: your school pays your fee and provides you a promotional code for the online registration. You will get the code from your teacher.
    For RUM members: you are entitled to a 100 SEK discount. You pay the full fee now and then you can contact your RUM association to get the discount back.


    We want all participants to be safe at Side by Side. To achieve that, we work with security and safety in a number of ways. For example, we want to know and have access to at least one parent´s/guardian´s phone number for direct contact in case of an emergency. We will have employees directly linked to each track and security teams in the tracks for the younger participants. In the tracks aimed for our older participants, we can only accept youths who can care for themselves during the camp week or have an adult with them. In the tracks for our younger participants, we prefer that all children have an adult with them on the camp. But if this is not possible, it is an option to come without an adult and ask for the camp to help them during their stay.

    On the BEGINNERS' tracks, all children must have an adult on sight. We are working to create a culture where all adults participating in the camp help to take responsibility for all children and youths.


    We will be in contact with the Gothenburg police to get permission for our operations when required. At concerts in the big arena, we will have the Red Cross on sight. We also employ security guards that will be available when needed. We will continue working to further enhance the safety at the camp.
  • Schedule SIDE BY SIDE 2018